Is It Mandatory to Maintain Books of Accounts as Per UAE Law?

Maintenance of relevant records, supporting documents, and books of accounts is extremely crucial requirement for proper control and management of the business operations. Aiding

Online Registration Portal for Excise Tax & VAT in UAE

Federal Tax Authority working in the UAE has introduced Official Website for Tax. It also offers Excise Tax registration option. This will enable the

Effects of VAT on Restaurants in the UAE

Value added taxes (VAT) are a utilization taxes that are recharged on each level to obtain goods and services. VAT does apply for restaurant

TAX agent in the UAE as per Federal Law No. (7) of 2017

As per Part Two of Chapter three of Federal Law No. (7) Tax Procedures in the UAE of 2017, Tax Agent’s Registration conditions and 

Registration for VAT in the UAE

For registering VAT in the United Arab of Emirates, every business or non-business entity should go through an online registration procedure and fill the

How to prepare VAT Invoices in the UAE

VAT will be implemented all over the UAE from 1st January 2018. Federal Tax Authority has provided latest information according to which you can