Registration for VAT in the UAE

For registering VAT in the United Arab of Emirates, every business or non-business entity should go through an online registration procedure and fill the VAT form which is available on the online and web portal of Federal Tax Authority. The third quarter of 2017 was the expected time for Voluntary registration. It is now mandatory to complete your registration during the fourth quarter of 2017. After the completion of the registration, TRN or a Tax Registration Number will be subjected to the applicant. All the matters which needed to be documented or considered should be registered through VAT.

Before starting your registration for VAT in the UAE, here are a few things every applicant should consider.

If it is a mandatory or voluntary registration you opt for

Whether you are applying for single registration or group one


Make sure you collect the following information and supporting documents for VAT registration

  • Incorporation documents and certificate
  • Trade license and business license
  • Emirates ID
  • Details of your bank account
  • Business activities activation
  • Articles of Association
  • Turnover of last year or twelve month
  • Expected turnover of future
  • Projected values of exports and imports
  • GCC supplies
  • Customs Authority Registration details

You should have all of the above mentioned information and documents ready beforehand prior to start the registration process for VAT.

VAT Registration Steps

If you are planning to go for VAT registration in the UAE, you have to complete the processes on FTA web portal. Once you complete it, you should follow these steps in order to complete VAT registration

  1. Go to the web and create your account to login

Provide your basic details such as complete name and create a password

Verify through your email ID

  1. After logging in, users can register for VAT. There you have to fill the provided registration form and complete te registration process successfully. After that you will receive a TRN or Tax Registration Number.

Who should register for VAT?

Residents in the UAE who are taxable and whose assets and annual supplies value in the UAE exceeds or forecasted to exceed the threshold amount of mandatory registration will have to register for VAT.

Here is the limit or threshold for VAT registration:

The total value of assets that are applicable to tax made for the current month and previous eleven months or over the year or yearend should be calculated for annual supplies. The expected value for upcoming 30 days will also be considered to determine if assets or annual supplies exceed the limit.

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