Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

If your organization or business provides services of a non-financial nature, chances are that the prioritization of the operations pertaining to the products and services has left the overall state of the finance records in a bad state.

Given how important it is to be able to maintain statistical records and use them for analyzing which areas need growth or are worthy of working on to optimize the bottom-line, these records ought to be in top shape.

The capital and business resources you mobilize in order to be able to keep accurate financial records, hire and monitor accounting employees, and the time it takes to be able to promptly handle the needs of a creditor or banking processes could lead you to take your eye off the ball as far as your core operations are concerned.

This is what makes a multipurpose and professional accounting an auditing firm so important. For business executives and owners for whom it is paramount that the core business be explored at every possible juncture for growth opportunities, AAB will work with you to ensure your time and resources remain dedicated to the quality and delivery of your products and services.

Top Seven Advantages youGet from Outsourcing your Bookkeeping

1 Ample time

Once you hand the bookkeeping baton to us, you have ample time to be able to focus on improving the quality of your products and services, increasing employee satisfaction and making human resource practices more efficient. Secondly, having outsourced accounting processes, you will be shielded from the possibility of a range of conflicts of interest that could arise if a company employee handles this process.

2 Savings

A dedicated accounting firm does away with the need for dedicated full-time employees for this purpose. Alongside having avoided a conflict of interest or relying upon the limited level of experience these employees have, you will now have the confidence that you are paying for accounting services based on precisely what your business needs, instead of needlessly paying accounting workers.

3 Expertise

Hiring a professional firm with expertise and decades of experience between its several employees means having ensured top quality services, combined with saving on capital by having avoided hiring a full-time in-house accounting department. Make your financial operations more effective with a team full aware of the industry standards.

4 Focused

When you outsource accounting functions to a firm like ours, you avoid the presence of a group of workers in the office, which is highly likely to waver in focus because of core operations. Engaging an accounting firm means not only getting rid of this extra department, but also saving on space at the office or headquarters.

5 Scalability

Outsourcing is a brilliant and quick option if you’re looking to either widen the size of your business or cut expenses by eliminating a current department. A dedicated team which gives you novel ideas regarding what areas of your business you can tweak to see a rise in efficiency could help you make changes you didn’t even think were realistic.

6 Expert Tools

Let’s face it, paying for the hiring and supervision of a dedicated bookkeeping department can be expensive. In addition to this, there is the need for achieving compliance with financial regulations, which are fairly strict in the UAE. The services of a firm help you add not only quality methods, but efficiency as well, without having to do or get the work done directly. A firm is also in a better position to keep your records safe.

7 Team Vs Employee

Handing over accounting needs means a team of experts in different niches taking care of the work. Compared to a single employee taking care of all accounting needs, this is obviously a much better choice, given one employee cannot possible handle core accounting duties in addition to identifying potential growth areas. When dealing with a team, it is also more likely that there will emerge a curtain between areas of the business that are accountable separately.