A professional firm is going to display a high level of responsiveness. Your trust in us is going to reflect a choice based on the expectation of efficiency and the prompt delivery of your crucial work.

We provide a wide range of services to small and large businesses, agencies, and individuals. Our expertise has placed us at the top of the accounting and auditing sector in the UAE.

Our services include:

Audit and Assurance

Our external auditing and quality control mechanisms are based on international industry standards.

The auditing services we provide deliver guidance for business owners, or specialized professionals such as shareholders. The auditing process is initiated only after having a sound appreciation of the nature of the business and its strategies.

Internal Audit

Our firm has a roster of Dubai licensed auditors who can help you ensure that your business is logging the highest possible level of compliance with UAE and international standards.

Internal auditors work on assessing risks and devising controls for an organization, while making sure these are compatible with the legal requirements. Following these assessments, they make representations pertaining to the fact that the business’s risks are in control. They may also take on the role of devising plans to improve financial strategy where possible.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Our accounting and bookkeeping services are rendered at market-competitive rates. Our team is also worthy of working alongside ERP programs.

Accountants are mainly charged with remaining familiar with the financial situation of the company, while bookkeeping pertain to the recording of transactions through the use of balance sheets and income statements.

Our experts can also help you in the case that you are looking to set up a new entity, or terminating an active one.

Financial and Managerial Consultancy

Our financial and managerial consultancy services help keep businesses up-to-date with the taxation, investment and insurance specifications they need.

Our range of consultancy services includes:

  • Capital budgeting and management
  • Finance planning and Budgeting
  • Risk analysis of investments
  • Financial analysis and ratios
  • Feasibility studies and projections
  • Cash Flow and Forecasting Management
  • Development of policies and procedures manuals