The Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) is a recently established residential and commercial destination that offers a life and work environment.

Also often referred to as a technology park, the complex makes use of advanced infrastructure to serve the needs of the high-tech industrial organizations situated at the complex.

High-End Infrastructure

The technology architecture includes a fiber-optic cable, an innovative data center, and high capacity electricity generation capabilities.

The oasis aspect corresponds with the advanced water-related services and facilities within the complex. The society has an irrigation system in place that benefits the entire community.

This network also produces clean water for use within the residential pockets, and a sewage management architecture that takes the wastewater to treatment plants.

Auditing firms in DSO that seek to service the information technology sector must make use of the latest accounting principles for effective risk management and compliance.

Information Technology Auditing Firms

Since information technology is a budding and rapidly evolving body of a commercial and scientific activity, effective risk management and compliance can be fairly complex.

There are a number of areas the novel nature of the industry makes it difficult to attain direct calibration with other industrial processes and assurances.

What may clearly be classified as an asset within a body of information technology experts; an intellectual property trademark, for instance, will not necessarily be a fixed asset within the accounting and finance professionals.

The information technology industry requires programs and practices that are designed to cater to the needs of this segment and its reliance on technology and intellectual property.

An effective program or architecture will ensure that all relevant risks pertaining to a technology establishment are identified and catered to. The nature of the controls and compliance mechanisms as relating to the IT sector will also be different from the commodities segment for instance.

Rendering the most effective level of focus on not only currently seen risks, but also potential ones is essential. This area can be problematic owing to the pace at which the technological intricacies a company deals in evolve.

As the company makes changes to its products portfolio and internal mechanisms to compete as best as possible, compliance and auditing measures must keep up.

IT Auditing Firm Expertise And Consultation

An accounting company with the right type of skillset is going to play a role in helping organizations appreciate the auditing process, as it relates to or is affected by technology and device changes in a deeper light.

The additional controls and their effectiveness will help a member of the IT industry to ensure novel and otherwise hidden and unknown risks are analyzed and minimized.

IT audit consultation services are meant to encourage an organizational environment that keeps risks low as they affect the core technology infrastructures within the company.

A key concern within companies that deal with online data and information is its safe storage to buffer against liabilities and cyber threats. This process requires an auditing entity that offers comprehensive technology-focused auditing.